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Stewards Individual Placement Program


Member Spotlight: Jamie Faselt, Glacier Nationa Park/Blackfeet Schools (AmeriCorps VISTA - Tribal)


August 1, 2018 | “This has been the most fun day, ever! I’m a scientist!” A happy phrase heard by Jamie Faselt, Glacier National Park Tribal VISTA, following a summer program hike. Jamie’s time spent with East Glacier students from early spring through the summer, has definitely made an impact. This programming provides area youth with a multitude of experiences, including using their senses to explore like scientists. Jamie has been happy to hear numerous kids talk about how interested they are in becoming a ranger or a scientist after or during the Park’s programs, and believes these experiences have inspired under-represented learners at a young age. Additional affirmation from community partners has really helped to illustrate just how important and impactful events and programming such as these can be.

When not putting her energy and talents towards educational programming, Jamie has also been working to educate staff and park volunteers. With the completion of a two-page informational sheet for park staff, Jamie’s “American Indian Tribes 101’ document will be implemented this spring for return and new park staff, so they are able to better educate park visitors on the historical, cultural, and current Tribal traditions of the area. 

This quarter also saw the realization of a long standing project, in which Glacier National Park will partner with the Blackfeet Community College, through the Piikuni studies program. The intern associated with this partnership, who started in this role in spring, will enhance the current educational programming within the national park.

Jamie rounded out her quarter with an increase in Native American Speaks engagements – including a Blessing Ceremony for the Park, a Browning Middle School Field day, and a week-long Water is Life event in Browning.