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Stewards Individual Placement Program

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Stewards East • Beckley, West Virginia Office Staff

Photo of John-Michael Aurednik

John-Michael Aurednik

Program Coordinator

Photo of April  Elkins Badtke

April Elkins Badtke

Executive Director

Photo of Amberly Borday

Amberly Borday

Training Specialist

Photo of Addie Gilkerson

Addie Gilkerson

Program Coordinator

Photo of Autumn  Lilly

Autumn Lilly

Administrative Specialist

Photo of Kevin  Record

Kevin Record

Program Coordinator, Preservation & Trades

Photo of Gwennan Richmond

Gwennan Richmond

Program Coordinator

Photo of Susie Schroer

Susie Schroer

Disability Program Coordinator

Photo of Meaghan Scott

Meaghan Scott

Program Coordinator

Photo of Shelby Street

Shelby Street

Program Coordinator

Photo of Patricia Urquiza Silva

Patricia Urquiza Silva

Program Manager

Photo of Jessica Zukowski

Jessica Zukowski

Program Director

Stewards West • Remote Offices Staff

Photo of Sage Bates

Sage Bates

Administrative Manager

(970) 317-9841
Photo of Lea Betty

Lea Betty

Enrollment Specialist

(970) 403-9305
Photo of Teiyanknei Chee

Teiyanknei Chee

Enrollment Specialist

Photo of Roddy Cobb Jr.

Roddy Cobb Jr.

Program Coordinator

Photo of Morgan  Ehmling

Morgan Ehmling

Program Coordinator

Photo of Geoff Elliot

Geoff Elliot

Executive Director

(970) 946-1320
Photo of James  Gasaway

James Gasaway

Program Director

Photo of Ash Adkins Irons

Ash Adkins Irons

Enrollment Specialist

Photo of Ali  Jones

Ali Jones

Program Coordinator

Photo of Rachel Robinson

Rachel Robinson

Enrollment Specialist

Photo of Sam Rush

Sam Rush

Program Coordinator

Photo of Emma Savely

Emma Savely

Program Director

Photo of Emma  Nehan-Springstead

Emma Nehan-Springstead

Program Coordinator

Photo of Andre Nguyen

Andre Nguyen

Program Coordinator

Photo of Gillian Watson

Gillian Watson

Program Coordinator

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Conservation Legacy is celebrating Great Outdoors Month with a special opportunity to support all that we love about nature and spending time outdoors! Join us with a donation today and support our local Corps working on programs to combat the effects of climate change and increase accessibility on trails.

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