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Stewards Individual Placement Program

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Central Staff

Photo of April  Elkins

April Elkins

Interim Executive Director

Photo of Joey Ruehrwein

Joey Ruehrwein

Director of Partnerships

Photo of Lisa Elkins

Lisa Elkins

Business Manager

Photo of Trina  Lawson

Trina Lawson

Administrative Assistant to the Business Manager

Beckley, West Virginia Office Staff

Photo of Amy Showalter

Amy Showalter

Special Initiatives and Compliance Coordinator

Photo of Caroline Smith

Caroline Smith

VISTA Development Coordinator

Photo of Shanna Gray

Shanna Gray

Operations Coordinator

Photo of Ryan Tant

Ryan Tant

Program Coordinator

Photo of Patricia Silva

Patricia Silva

Program Coordinator

Photo of Beatrice  Carrero

Beatrice Carrero

VISTA Leader

Photo of Lilibeth Fuentes

Lilibeth Fuentes

VISTA Leader

Durango, Colorado Office Staff

Photo of Krista Rogers

Krista Rogers

Program Director

Photo of Adrian Uzunian

Adrian Uzunian

Program Director

Photo of Emma Savely

Emma Savely

Program Coordinator

Photo of Danny  Margoles

Danny Margoles

Program Coordinator

Photo of Christy Curd

Christy Curd

Program Coordinator

Photo of Hilary Webster

Hilary Webster

Program Coordinator

Photo of Katie Nemmer

Katie Nemmer

Program Coordinator