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Stewards Individual Placement Program


Community Volunteer Ambassador Spring 2018 Training


April 20, 2018 | They came from desert outcrops, snowy forests, mountain valleys and urban centers. They came together for three days for an intensive training for their year of service, where they all have a common mission, to be ambassadors for the National Park Service. They are, the Community Volunteer Ambassadors of 2018.

Fifty-two Community Volunteer Ambassadors ( CVAs)  met in Waynesboro, PA April 9 to 13 to attend a training to help set them up for success on both personal, park, and professional levels. The training, facilitated by Northwest Youth Corps, and enacted by partners at Stewards and NPS staff across the nation, built community among these 52 young people, who, while spread across the nation, are all together in their mission: To build and support volunteer programs and community connection to our nations parks. Through breakout groups, case studies, evaluation methods, diversity trainings, leadership trainings, self exploration, information from experts in the field and plenty of snacks, campfires and morning coffee, the CVAs came together to build professional and personal relationships for this year, and beyond. The training event was capped off with talks from partner and NPS leadership, both powerfully noting the importance of connections and the potential impacts of a year of service. As CVAs reflected on the skills, values and mission of this training, they were challenged to keep the conversation going and find who or what they dedicated their service to.  At the weeks end, there were photo shoots, selfies and cheers of joy as all the CVAs stood to take the AmeriCorps Pledge of Service. Looking out over a room of potential, a room filled with enthusiasm and meaningful connections, the last sentence of the AmeriCorps pledge rang as true as ever. “I am an AmeriCorps member, and I will get things done."

Written by Edward Sinnes, 2018 CVA Leader serving at the Washington Support Office