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Stewards Individual Placement Program


Abraham Lincoln and Johnny Appleseed

Nov. 26, 2019 | Before becoming a CVA, I knew the importance of volunteering and the fantastic impact it has on the community. Volunteering is the perfect example of giving back to others, and when approached with the idea of becoming a CVA, I had to jump at the opportunity. Fast forward to today, and I am confident not only in my abilities with community outreach, but also helping the youth of America understand the importance of preserving our National Parks and Sites.


For the first few months of my time with the CVA program, I was helping to run the Volunteer Department here at the Lincoln Home National Historic Site, where I had a blast, as I was able to use my experience with Volunteer Management to help make sure the department was successful. A highlight of my time here at Lincoln Home National Historic Site is giving tours. The History major in me was pumped when I first learned that I was going to be giving tours of the Lincoln Home, the only home Abraham Lincoln ever owned. How crazy is that? On a daily basis, I give 5-10 tours of the home, including school group tours. Being able to teach students about the importance of our 16th President is a blast!


Currently, a fellow Park Ranger and I are traveling to a nearby elementary school to show students the importance of apples, and of Johnny Appleseed. We have 3 different stations set up, all pertaining to apples: preparing the apples, canning the apples, and the story of Johnny Appleseed and why his efforts brought apple trees to the Midwest. It is very fun, with well over 50 students a day. Seeing the smiles light up their faces is a sight to see, reaffirming the impact you have on their lives. That is a major accomplishment for me!


Written by Devon Cooperider, CVA at Lincoln Hold National Historic Site